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Blank Canvas by Yvonne

We're in a lift, and you've 10 seconds to tell me about Blank Canvas by Yvonne - Go!

Blank Canvas by Yvonne (BCBY) is all about creating beautiful and affordable jewellery and accessories using resin and other mediums. All pieces are handmade here in the UK by myself, Yvonne. The aim is to create fun, affordable and beautiful pieces, all hand-crafted. 

When and why did you start up BCBY?

I started BCBY in July 2020 during lockdown, as a creative outlet and new hobby/project, I didn't anticipate it becoming so popular so soon.

What are your core brand principles?

The core brand principles are fun, quality & affordability

What have you found most challenging in running your business? 

I definitely find the graphic design, web design and marketing aspects of business the most difficult, but we have Youtube, so are always learning!

What have been your greatest “yes!” moments so far?

Greatest yes! moment, would be launching my website (more of a 'sigh of relief' moment) and receiving several wholesale inquiries, just 6 months in!

What did you come to TDBC for?

I came to TDBC for custom sized postage boxes for both my businesses BCBY and NETT Exfoliator

How did we do?

Fabulously as always, having used TDBC previously, it made sense to go back to a trusted supplier. Morgan and the team always get the job done, quickly and professionally and they are all so lovely to work with!

What are your plans for 2021?

To continue making new and beautiful pieces and hopefully be stocked in some new stores!

Where can people find you?