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We’re in lift and you have 10 seconds to describe your business, what would say?

We bring authentic, high quality food and drink products from small artisan producers all over Europe to kitchen cupboards at home, where they can be used to create joyous occasions in our everyday lives.

When and why did you start up Saporista?

Returning from an Italian holiday in 2019, my husband Sam and I filled our suitcase with delicious goodies, picked up in the backstreets of Tuscan hilltop towns or farms. When stocks ran down, we found it difficult to source similar products in the UK online, and we don’t have enough spare time to track down specialist deli shops. We wondered why fabulous artisan food is only available to us on holiday!  Saporista was born in early 2020 …

What are your core brand principles?

Sharing food and drink that tastes amazing and has an interesting story/tradition. Enabling people to create special, holiday-like occasions at home. Supporting small suppliers who use high quality local ingredients and traditional production methods and have a huge passion for what they do. Being as environmentally friendly as possible.

What have you found most challenging in running your business?

Cash flow! We started with a very small budget. However, it can be fun getting creative and finding ways of making something from nothing!

What have been your greatest “yes!” moments so far?

When we received our first orders on our website. All that hard work and then `ping'.

What did you come to TDBC for?

UK made gift boxes. I searched and struggled to find a product big enough to be used as a hamper box anywhere on-line. So, finding TDBC, telling them what I needed and hearing a `yes, no problem’, was such a relief!

How did we do?

Brilliantly! We placed our first order back in November 2020, and we have had so many great comments from our customers on how beautiful our gift boxes are, that they are a joy to receive and that they are very useful for re-using for home storage!

What are your plans for 2021?

To grow a corporate customer base, as well as a consumer one. To launch and develop our virtual tasting event calendar. To expand our product range. We will definitely be ordering more boxes from TDBC!

Where can people find you?