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Straight off the bat, let’s start by confirming that Dorchester has a very good rugby team and a lovely rugby club. We’ve been playing them off and on for the best part of twenty years; always a battle, which is rarely won – but soon forgotten with a nice beer and chat in their clubhouse. This review will not make Trip Advisor anytime soon but say `Dorchester’ to the lads here at TDBC and we tend to think rugby first and historic market town second.

As the established County Town in Dorset, Dorchester attracted both trade and wealth over the centuries and this heritage has left its mark; subjectively, the most striking thing about Dorchester is its architecture. As children, we were first walked around Maiden Castle on the outskirts of town whilst being given an informal Viking and Norman history lesson.  When we came into town in search of a pub and some lunch, we first had another informal lesson on different types of historical architecture and how to tell them apart. Lavish exterior woodwork = Tudor, for example, and we can all now recognise a Norman doorway when we see one.

Prince Charles’ Poundbury is worth a miss to be honest, sorry Ma’am. Dorchester market (every Wednesday) on the other hand is well worth a visit, the indoor market having an abundance of interesting stalls with loads of collectibles, “antiqueky” type items and vintage clothing.

Finally; Dorchester has loads of good pubs with a healthy mix of tied and free houses where you will always have a warm welcome and you will never go thirsty!


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