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We enjoyed our secondary school so much; we named a box after it. Twynham Comprehensive is a big part of who we are. A school where (what would turn out to be lifelong) friendships were made and rugby went from being another games class and turned into a passion. Not least, the the provider of a pretty good education by all accounts.

For us, we are talking mid- 90's. No hint of corporal punishment, but very much Acorn computers, the bike sheds transitioning from BMX to `mountain' bikes and Reebok classics being on virtually every smelly foot. Not a mobile phone in sight, just a reasonably well used phone box outside of `Nibbs' the newsagent where one could pretty much guarantee a chocolate bar and can of Coke for less than a pound.

What made it great? Well, the teachers mainly. There was the odd maniac and example of `why did you get into teaching if you hate kids so much?'; but they only stood out because across the board our teachers were fantastic.

The sports teaching duo extraordinaire of Mr Broadwell and Mr Jackson was massively influential.  `Mr B and Mr J' introduced us to so many different sports; each taught with a sense of passion and love for the sport itself.  Rugby was an out and out winner - but tennis summer camps, the basketball team and long summer afternoons on the field playing cricket are also fond highlights. They were the teachers that didn't need to do much to command the respect they received.

We went in, as did everyone, as wet behind the ear’s little whipper snappers, and came out as decent young men, with a good set of GCSEs, a love of sport, and a load of mates behind us. I am not sure you could want much more to be honest.  Good times.

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