You've found a bespoke manufacturer of presentation boxes. A bespoke box is a preferenced box. The big four preferences are the STYLE and SIZE of the box, the BRANDING and colour scheme, and lastly, what QUANTITY you require. Our job is to turn what you have in mind into a physical box. We'll strip away the clutter and help you focus in on the best box for your business.


The good news is that we're able to make (right here in our Dorset factory) virtually all types of a presentation box, with any creative design. Being a maker, (not a wholesaler) of bespoke boxes means low minimum orders and typical lead times of 3-5 weeks depending on the job. We use a clearly defined process that takes your enquiry and initial chat, all the way through to delivery. Within that process, every aspect of the box is clearly defined and confirmed. Zero ambiguity.



Styles of Bespoke Box 

  • Rigid Covered Base & Lid - paper over board, shoe-box style presentation box  
  • Hinged Lid - paper over board tray with wrap and magnetic front flap
  • Shouldered Box - paper over board shoe-box style with additional inner tray for the lid to sit on 
  • Postal Carton- fluted board one-piece carton supplied flat to self-assemble into rigid box
  • Match Box - folding box-board sleeve, open at both ends with slide-in tray
  Rigid Base & Lid    Hinged Lid Box Shouldered Box  Postal Carton  Match Box Style


Branding Options

How your box looks in terms of design, colour scheme and branding is entirely down to the papers and printing process used. We'll help you choose the best combination based on the look required and the existing brand guidelines. Have a look at our printing page for a more in depth explanation of the processes used everyday to help create beautiful boxes.

In terms of bespoke paper over board boxes, there are two main ways of using paper and branding. One is to use a solid colour of display paper and then add either a foiled or screen printed logo. The second is to use white paper and print it entirely with design using lithographic print process.


Postal cartons using E-flute board are usually screen printed single colour. We can also offer a paper wrap over fluted board. You can wrap the outer or inner or both surfaces. The main message is that within reason, anything is possible - we just need to start.

So in summary with our bespoke packaging solutions, we can create custom cardboard boxes and/or custom presentation boxes, which are all made using eco-friendly materials that can be cost effective for your business!

With our packaging solutions we can get your box requirements whether it uses corrugated packaging or anything else, so when you boxes are printed you will have a high standard of packaging.