Your brand as a box!

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Bespoke boxes - it's a minefield, but you've landed in the best place possible. The Dorset Box Company will get back to you TODAY with your box questions answered. You're now marching with a maker - ready and able to transform your enquiry into `UK made physical boxes within 3 weeks or less. Use our Contact Form to send your enquiry, and we'll get back to you immediately. 


Any type of box at any size

Perhaps you're looking for an exact size with a lift-off lid? Or you prefer the hinged style of box with a magnetic front flap. It could be that you need a postal carton style box that fits within a particular postage category. Together, we'll soon identify both the perfect style of custom-made box for your products and the dimensions you need. 



Do you make the boxes?

100% - yes! Our factory is in Three Legged Cross, Dorset, and your boxes will be made here by our team.  We are an out-an-out bespoke manufacturer of presentation boxes; converting raw materials into custom-made products. 

Can you help with design?

All part of the service. We will work with you to ensure that both the style and dimensions of your presentation boxes are exact. We achieve this by creating product templates, mock-up samples, 2-D and 3-D visuals.

Do you help with the branding and creative aspects?

As much or as little as you need; yes. Once the box design is confirmed, an artwork template is generated. Provide us with brand guidelines, logo files, Pantones and fonts - and we'll put the creative together. It may be that you've the resources able to generate artwork; working to the artwork templates we provide. Either way, creative visuals and artwork proofing is always the pre-cursor to any production buttons pressed.

Are there minimum or maximum order quantities?

Not at all. We are totally at home making 25 boxes as we are 2500 boxes.  Being a manufacturer means that we are making your boxes to order and economies of scale come into that. We don't have a set price list, and our account managers will always be willing to work with you to meet your budget. We love helping start ups or customers who are ready to take the next stage up from off the shelf packaging.

How long are your lead times?

The majority of our orders take between 2-4 weeks to produce, once all design and branding specification has been confirmed. The complexity of product and amount being manufactured are for obvious reasons, factors in how long the boxes will take. For first visits into the bespoke box world, you may want to add a couple of weeks onto the start. Those first two weeks can be taken up with samples and visuals being sent across to you - making sure you know exactly what you'll be getting before any production buttons are pressed. 

What should I be expecting to pay!?

The big question! Understandably, there are many factors that influence the cost per box. Style, dimensions, branding methods and quantities all come into the mix. You will always receive a full quotation that details all the specification and any set up costs. The average cost of a bespoke presentation box is £3.50 per unit - although we've made and supplied many box orders at lower unit cost, and plenty at higher than that.