Adding your logo and branding to our boxes is easy, and we'll help every step of the way. We want your boxes to look great. Currently, we offer two options; metallic foiling and full-colour wraps. There are a few factors that influence which method is used.

The majority of printed box orders are achieved through traditional foil stamping using our in-house machines. Foiling is perfect for those seeking a classic, relatively majestic and luxurious look - helped by the strength of our paper colours. Foiling is suitable for low-medium print requirements.

A full-colour wrap is a brilliant option of those wanting to use 100% of the box surface to fill with branding. Our boxes are manufactured using paper over board. For this printing option, we simply wrap the boxes in printed (with your design) paper- rather than stock colours. A full-colour wrap offers complete design freedom and is cost-effective and available from 200 units.


- Choose your box
- Send us your logo /artwork
- You tell us the size and colour you would like your logo/artwork foiled
- We will email you a visual
- On approval, your logo is converted into a foiling plate (metal stamp)
- We use that plate to foil your boxes


How much does foiling cost?

There are two costs - a one-off charge for the printing plate and a price per box to add the logo. Typically, foiling plates cost between £25 - £90. The bigger the logo, the higher the printing plate cost. The printing plate is yours (stored here), and we can use it for repeat orders on the basis the artwork remains unchanged. 

Cost per foiled print will depend on the image size and QTY of boxes being foiled. An A6 logo will cost less than an A5 sized logo; less foil used and quicker to brand. We'll always confirm the costs to you before anything happens in production.

Full colour wrap onto stock boxes (MOQ 200 QTY)

- Choose your box
- Send across your logo, brand assets and design brief
- We'll email across a visual of the full-colour wrap
- On approval, we'll send you a paper proof of the intended design
- On approval of the paper proof, we'll have the design printed
- Printed sheets are cut to shape and wrapped across your boxes


How much does a full colour wrap cost?

As with foiling, there are two costs. First, we charge an origination fee of between £30 - £60, which covers the design/studio time, the PDF visual and paper proofing. This is a one-off cost for each design. This fee will not repeat on future orders, on the basis the design remains unchanged.

The second cost is a price per box to add the full-colour wrap. As with most printing costs, cost per sheet reduces as quantities increase. As a guide price; 200 boxes + £1.50 per box, 1000 boxes + £0.60 per box. We will always confirm your order and all costs before going to print.

Will you confirm everything before printing my boxes?

Yes, of course. We have a phrase here; `ambiguity is not our friend'. You'll receive a full order confirmation detailing every aspect of the job. We'll confirm the unit cost of the box chosen, the number of boxes being printed, set up fees and the cost per box to add the print. Zero surprises. No production buttons will be pressed, or any invoices sent until you approve the charges.

We take the same approach to artwork. Using PDF visuals and artwork proofs, you'll be able to see logos and branding in position. With full-colour wrap jobs, we'll also send you a physical paper proof. You can make as many changes as you like, and we'll only go into production once you're 100% happy and send us written approval and instructions to proceed.

What colours are foils available in?

Standard foil colours are gold, silver, black, bronze, copper, grey, red and blue. However, over 60 colour variations are available, and we are more than happy to source a non-standard colour for you. Colour cards and swatches can be posted.

At this stage on our journey, our in-house foiling capability is set to one colour only. But you'll be the first to know about it when we grow enough to invest in multi-colour foiling machinery. Small steps.

How long will it take to print my order?

Allow 2-3 weeks from when you approve the artwork. Sometimes we get super busy and may need a little more time, but a couple of weeks is ordinarily ample time. You'll receive regular updates as your boxes move through the factory. If we are working together on a bespoke box, allow an extra week for sampling.